• کلینیک کاشت مو در شیراز

    Hair transplantation

    The attractiveness of any fringe depends on many factors, from body shape and face to how you wear dress, but…

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  • Cellulite treatment with carboxytherapy device

    The method of carboxytherapy is using carbon dioxide gas which is injected under the skin. Carboxytherapy plays an important role…

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  • رفع چاقی موضعی (با دستگاه ال پی جی)

    Eliminate localized obesity (with LPG device)

    LPG, also known as endomology or lipomassage , is the most common way to lose weight which men and women…

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  • هایفو تراپی در شیراز


    Hypnotherapy is one of the newest beauty treatments of skin and face. The word haifu stands for ultrasound with high…

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  • تزریق ژل

    Gel injection

    As we age, our skin tissue become thinner and thin lines around the nose, mouth, eyes and cheeks are visible…

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  • کاشت ابروی طبیعی و دایمی در شیراز

    Eyebrow transplantation

    Parnian clinic will guarantee you natural eyebrow implant with the highest density and natural beard line by achieving the most…

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  • لیزر جوانسازی پوست

    Laser skin rejuvenation

    Along with the desire for beauty, again is quite natural and unfortunately we can not escape this process and deny…

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  • لیزر کیوسوئیچ

    Q-SWITCH laser

      The best treatment for eliminate unwanted brown spots, sunspots or treatment of pigmented or remove the tattoo from your…

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  • برداشتن خال

    Mole removal

    For those who have miles in their face or body, mole removal is one of the beauty concerns. Mole removal…

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  • مزوتراپی مو

    Hair mesotherapy

    Mesotherapy is a topical treatment method that has various uses. A world-famous method that can help cure dehydration of the…

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