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Eliminate localized obesity (with LPG device)

LPG, also known as endomology or lipomassage , is the most common way to lose weight which men and women can benefit from. This method is non-invasive and painless and does not require surgery or anesthesia and it’s side effects are negligible. In this method, the body’s cellulite is killed and remove the fat deposits that cause localized obesity and unwanted curve in the body. From lipomatic endomology LPG for the treatment of cellulite in the tights and buttocks and used to reduce sagging skin and topical fat.

Abdominal fat and sagging skin can not be treated with diet and exercise. Initial evaluation is essential to effectively treat this problem. Gently grapes a layer of your skin between your fingers, if the skin between your fingers is thin and there are no wrinkles in it, this is a skin problem. Other symptoms of skin problems include: wrinkled skin and cracked skin or navel. LPG stimulate young cells (fibroblast) on the surface of the skin and make them firmer.

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The effects of LPG on the skin include:

  • Reduce and eliminates excess fat and fluids faster
  • Reduce the appearance of loose thighs and buttocks caused by cellulite
  • Defines body lines to make body shape more attractive
  • Muscles and skin become soft and clear , resulting in a smoother overall appearance
  • Improves muscle tension, blood flow and lymphatic drainage and leads to better sleep and skin radiance

This method uses a device approved by the FDA organization for treatment of localized fat and definition of body lines. This method is non-invasive and mechanical rolls are used in target areas for massage and compression of fat cells and accelerate the process of fat release or lipolysis. Deep massage action of this device increases blood circulation and lymphatic fluid by up to 200% and helps expel toxins and unnatural fluids, however, the hand massage only increases blood circulation by up to 60% lipomassage also produces collagen and elastin, it is essential for smoother, firmer and younger skin. This method is 100% natural and without the need for surgery and side effects.

Advantages of LPG method:

It is non-invasive (no incision are made on the skin), there is no damage or discoloration or change in the appearance of the skin, reduce size, increased blood flow and drainage of lymph fluid, smooth and tighten muscles. Your skin will come alive from the very first treatment session. Your face immediately glows and thanks to the reactivation of collagen production , your skin will be more refined and shiny.

The result get better after each session. For faster healing session can be scheduled several times a week at the beginning of treatment. This process was completely painless and the setting of the device are done according to the sensitivity of the skin. After the first few minutes you can feel cellular awakening and accelerated blood circulation. The skin receives oxygen again and you will feel healthy. This is a unique sensory experience.

Parnian Beauty Clinic using the best and latest devices , in a healthy and calm environment , it is at your service, dear ones. Just contact us for advice.

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