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Eyebrow transplantation

Parnian clinic will guarantee you natural eyebrow implant with the highest density and natural beard line by achieving the most desirable result.

In the first step, the desired design is done for eyebrow implantation . In general , there no restrictions on eyebrow design for you and according to your taste eyebrows can be design any way like wide inhaled and etc. And one of the most positive points of eyebrow implantation in parnian clinic is planting density because there was no limit to the density of eyebrow hairs and the compression you are considering is done.

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Eyebrow implants are performed in parnian clinic under the supervision of a specialist doctor and a completely professional staff and during work you are completely numb and do not feel any pain.

Our eyebrows play an important role in the beauty of our face and appearance this is why eyebrow implants are so popular today. The eyebrows are located in the centre of the face and they have a great impact on the beauty of the eyes and face.

In Parnian Beauty Clinic , eyebrow implants are performed by the FUT method.

The FUT method first creates an incision behind the skin of head and removes a strip of skin and depending on the condition of the eyebrows, the appropriate follicles are removed from the flap strip and is planted in the eyebrows.

This method has a good density and comes with stitches and surgery therefore, it will not have side effects such as sharp eyebrows.

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