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Gel injection

As we age, our skin tissue become thinner and thin lines around the nose, mouth, eyes and cheeks are visible and over time, they deepen into clear wrinkles and these cases reduce the volume of the face resulting in the signs of aging.

Gel injection or dermal filler injection methods can be used to make up for the volume and wrinkles on the face disappear.

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Of course, gel injection is a therapy that has other uses as well increase lips volume, eyebrow lift and fix the dimples under the eyes

Gel injection:

Fillers and cover volume have a formula like gel and are used to rejuvenate the skin. Subcutaneous injection of gel or fillers can be used for compensate for lost volume, fix wrinkles, improves the shape of the surface curves of the face and body. It should noted that Botox injections are the most common skin rejuvenation method in the world and due to reasonable costs and minor side effects one million people in the world use this treatment to rejuvenate the skin.

Gel injection application:

Most applications of gel injection are approved by FDA(food and drug administration of the United States of America)

Approved FDA applications include the following:

  • Fix wrinkles (forehead line )
  • Volume the face (eliminate dimples and dark circles under the eyes, eyebrow lift, remove sagging skin on face and neck)
  • Use gel for volume (highlight and increase the volume of the lips, chin and cheeks)
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • The beauty of the nose(correction of nose shape without surgery)

In the Parnian Beauty Clinic only FDA-approved skin fillers are used because these fillers have the least effects and their memoirs have been studied through extensive and long term studies.

FDA-APPROVED skin fillers can only be purchased by doctors and dermatologist or plastic surgeons , so be sure to confirm the FDA approved before injecting the gel.

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