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The attractiveness of any fringe depends on many factors, from body shape and face to how you wear dress, but we all know that with hair transplantation we will have a different and more attractive appearance and even proper hair transplants can greatly affect the way we look younger.


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Proper hair transplantation can be a method after that the artificial state of the hair doesn’t attracts attention

and the answer is micrograft hair transplantation in parnian beauty clinic.

Parnian clinic is one of the most prestigious beauty center in shiraz city and the name of this clinic is usually know by the micrograft method because this beauty center is known as one of the pioneers of micrograft method and this is an important factor in trusting and selecting the hair transplant team of parnian clinic.

Whit choosing us you will get the best result in the shortest time and at the most reasonable cost possible.

The following is related to hair transplantation by micrograft method:

In the latest method of natural hair transplantation called micrograft , in addition to harvesting in the hair follicles by SUT , an-automatic device is also used in the planting process which has the subtlety of micro hair transplantation and is done without the use of a surgical razor in this case, you will not see any scars on the planting site.

Due to the use of the implanter device in micro size , it is possible to plant more grafts in one square centimetre, this is followed by a multiplier density compared to other methods and implanted hair grows quite naturally.

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