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Laser double chin removal

One of the most effective ways to treat stubborn body fat is laser treatment which results in a satisfactory result, this treatment is very simple and it can be used to shape the area under the chin or the same double chin. We all have stubborn fats in our bodies which can not be easily reduced. Fat under chin is one of the things that can not be eliminated with diet or exercise, healthy eating and exercise have little effect on reducing double chin.

The biggest problem that double chin leads to is that pulling the skin and the skin in that area become sagging. Laser treatment and removal of double chin is a method that allows the doctor to effectively target the small area under the chin and reduce excess fat and affect the shaping under the chin.

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The benefits of laser double chin removal:

It has results similar to liposuction, there is no need for surgery or the use of anesthetics , tightens the skin of the treatment area, people are very satisfied with it, towards liposuction and kilab injection,… The laser used is easier to tolerate both during and after treatment, a laser treatment session lasts only 25 minutes , laser does not need recovery and laser treatment is not dangerous or painful. In this method the inner tissue of the skin is heated with a 1060nm laser and at the same time , the outer surface of the skin cools so that it does not burn. The laser heats the fat in the chin to 116 degrees Fahrenheit and this degree is enough to effect the function of fat cells.

Eliminate double chin with mesotherapy:

Mesotherapy is one of the less invasive and uncomplicated method to remove double chin. After injection of substances that cause lipolysis which affect the disappearance of double chin. This method with a simple injection with very fine needles and converters on an outpatient basis and it is done in a short time and without pain. After seeing a doctor and doing initial examination the type of drug and how deep the target site should be injected are determined.

Benefits of mesotherapy:

Skin rejuvenation , elimination of wrinkles, elimination of cellulite and localized fat, increase resilience , lightening of skin, no need for surgery and the use of anesthetics.

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