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Q-SWITCH laser


The best treatment for eliminate unwanted brown spots, sunspots or treatment of pigmented or remove the tattoo from your skin is to use advanced Q-SWITCHED technique or Q-SWITCH laser. This method is used to treat and remove all types of tattoos, congenital dark spots and lention.

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If you get older, pale scars will appear on your face which used a laser switch to destroy them. The most effective method for treating facial blemishes is laser and with just one session of treatment, blemishes and inflammation of the facial skin will be reduced or disappear completely. This laser is projected on the skin with a specific wavelength (1064 nanometre)and is absorbed by skin pigments.

Facial blemishes are caused by a slight difference in skin pigments that with age increasing , skin pigments become darker and they cause stains. Other factors may effect facial blemishes such as hormonal changes, intrinsic factors, age , use of some the good news is that all those who are in good health and do not have dark skin, they can use this treatment.

Q-SWITCH laser applications:

  • Complete removal of tattoos on face and body.
  • Removal of congenital miles on the body and face.
  • Remove skin bruises and blemishes and brown spots.
  • Remove moles and freckles on the skin of the body and face.

Q-SWITCH laser has minor side effects , only after the laser does the skin become red and inflamed that the skin gradually repairs over time and improves. It is recommended to stay away from the sun until the end of the treatment because skin blemishes may return under the sunlight.

Advantages of using a laser:

  • Remove the tattoo
  • Nail fungus
  • Eliminate brown spots on the face
  • Elimination and treatment of melasma
  • Weld spots
  • Eliminate congenital moles
  • Low risk

In the first session of using a laser device, you will see that 75 to 80 percent the place of the tattoo disappears and you will recover completely after the second and third session. Q-SWITCH laser hurts a little and there is no need to use anesthetics , the patient feels only slight pain in the treatment area.

The cost of Q-SWITCH laser is almost higher than other treatments , but in general, it will bring the best result. Parnian Beauty Clinic by using the latest laser devices in a completely hygienic environment guarantees you the best result. All you have to do is contact our consultants.

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