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Laser skin rejuvenation

Along with the desire for beauty, again is quite natural and unfortunately we can not escape this process and deny the effects of aging , aging has many effects on a person’s appearance like face wrinkles, loose and sagging skin, frowing line, laughter line and etc.

These symptoms gradually appearance in a person from the age of 25 onwards and little by little fine lines are created and then deep wrinkles are created and reduces the firmness of the skin. In addition to the effects of aging, other factors, such as joy wound, burn marks, acne scars, affect a person’s appearance and there are many ways to fix these problems but the most effective way to rejuvenate and beauty the skin is laser treatment.

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Laser technology offers the safest way to rejuvenate the skin and it allows the specialist doctor to have more precise control over the surface of the skin and the doctor can carefully remove the delicate parts of the skin, without the slightest damage laser and rejuvenate it.

The function of laser skin rejuvenation is as follows stimulates fibroblasts by creating heat and causes the production of collagen and they are rebuilt. In addition to laser destroys dead skin that stays on the skin over time.

Aging skin causes a lot of damages:

Wrinkles, volume reduction, loss of skin elasticity and the occurrence of various types of lesions.

The most important factors that are effective in creating skin aging are: sun(ultraviolet rays), sunbathing or using a solarium, smoking, alcohol or drugs, inappropriate feeding , inactivity and over weight, use of alkaline detergent (soap), excessive use of cosmetic products, insufficient water and moisture to reach the skin.

After laser skin rejuvenation new skin appears during the healing process and the skin area under treatment looks clearer, smoother and generally healthier, even two skin tones can be treated with laser rejuvenation. Freckles and sunspots and even other color changes. They are also treated during the recovery period. Laser rejuvenation has few side effects and only for a short time may the redness of the skin remain which resolves over time and its therapeutic effects remain for a long time and it delays the natural process of aging or wrinkles for a while.

If necessary , you can repeat the treatment by seeing a doctor.

Different people have different skin reactions to laser treatment because people’s skin is different, therefore, the most appropriate way to get the result is to see a doctor and perform the necessary examination before laser treatment.

You can visit Parnian Beauty Clinic under the supervision of specialist Doctors, ina completely hygienic environment and be treated with the latest laser devices.

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