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Mole removal

For those who have miles in their face or body, mole removal is one of the beauty concerns.

Mole removal must be done by cosmetologist . The most important factor in removing moles is the type of moles on the face and body because they are different from each other, like congenital miles or moles that appear over time.

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After determining the type of mole by specialist, the operation of removing it is determined according to the type of the mole.

Examinations performed by a specialist doctor affect the method of removing the mole.

The most common method is laser mole removal, this method uses a laser device and the mole is burned with laser in several steps.

Laser mole removal usually has no Side effects and redness only remain on the skin for a short time after laser treatment. And if necessary , the doctor prescribed medicine to relieve skin inflammation.

Another method is to remove the surgical mole which is determined depending on the type of mole and medical examination, mole removal is possible by laser or surgery and it is usually best to remove moles surgically. The maximum time for mole removal is 20 minutes and only local anesthesia is needed and is considered an out patient operation.

Surgery, like laser surgery, has no Side effects and only the scar left from the surgery is seen and to remove the remaining scars the doctor prescribes ointments and all kinds of necessary medicines.

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