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Shaping and face lift


One of the most important beauty factors for people is their face, unfortunately, these are important factors in the most vulnerable parts of the body, because it is exposed to various pollutions and sunlight for a long time and loses its freshness and beauty and other factors such as age, stress and inappropriate feeding also effect the facial skin and these factors and the skin problems caused by them , they reduce a person’s self-confidence. Fortunately , science is advancing today and there are many ways to beauty and rejuvenate facial skin. One of the most effective methods is face lift.

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With age or due to various environmental factors or the wrong life style, facial skin gradually loosens and the beneficial fats of the skin are lost and that is what makes it fall in some areas, like next to the eyes or the corners of the lips and nose or it appears as extra skin on the chin. You can use the face lift method to lift your skin and make your face look young and fresh.

Benefits of face lift:

  • Tightening of the skin
  • Maintain the joy and freshness of facial skin
  • Rejuvenate the face and increase confidence
  • Eliminate super facial wrinkles in different areas of the face
  • Eliminate chin
  • A safe method with little or no Side effects

Determine the right way to remove sagging skin on your face depends on the doctor’s diagnosis and the doctor’s diagnosis is based on age, patient healthy, damage rate, treatment area and skin type. The most appropriate method of treatment is recommended by a specialist doctors after the examination.

In non-surgical face lift procedure no need for anesthesia and only with a doctor’s prescriptions can be local anesthesic be used, the effect disappears after a short time and side effects of these methods are low and they have a short recovery period. Almost all patients can resume daily activities after the treatment session, that’s why doctors do not recommend Surgery as much as possible unless there is a lot of skin damage and non-surgical methods are not responsive.

In general, face lift is done two ways with surgery or without surgery.

There are different methods for facelift without surgery, such as: hypnotherapy ,gel or fat injection, Botox injection or thread lift and each of these methods as a different applications and they will have different effects for people. As a result, a specialist must be consulted to determine the appropriate method for each person.

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